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  • Operation New Hope

    Specializes in working with high risk youth. Many people working with this group advocate drug treatment. We believe in a holistic approach by properly educating, counseling, mentoring, and certifying, which leads each individual to a tangible career opportunity. More info.

  • The Population

    Serves the poor in spirit by creating a space where one does not feel judged or accused, but accepted. It is our mission to provide life skills which bring balance into the lives touched by this program. The end result is a lifestyle change rooted in personal responsibility. More Info.

  • Partners With John Muir Charter Schools!

    John Muir Charter School places a strong emphasis on basic reading, writing, and computing skills across all curricular areas, however, they also teach a variety of life and leadership skills that students generally lack. This partnership provides an ideal growth environment for our students. More info.

  • Workforce Program

    ONH's Workforce Program connects the youth to our community partners which will prepare, certify, and employ our young people to become active taxpaying citizens in our community.